Database Consent & Privacy Statement

National Database Consent

I understand that by signing up for a CricHQ player profile I am agreeing to be bound by the constitution, regulations, bylaws and policies of the relevant Major and District Associations with jurisdictions and control over the competition in which I play and that I am also bound by the NZC Rules and Regulations by virtue of my participation in cricket played under NZC’s jurisdiction.

I understand that by signing up for a CricHQ profile I am agreeing to receive: 

(i) messages relating to my participation in cricket, e.g. grounds changes;

(ii) messages relating to the administration of my data, e.g. requests to confirm my profile settings; and

(iii) messages relating to the marketing of cricket, including relating to the products and services of sponsors of the game of cricket. 

I can opt out of the receipt of commercial messages at any time, either by using the unsubscribe function on each message, or by changing my profile settings.

Privacy Statement

Pursuant to the Privacy Act the following is brought to your attention.  New Zealand Cricket uses the registration process to collect personal information for the purposes of:

(i) the general administration of the game of cricket, including statistical analysis and research; and

(ii) the promotion of the game of cricket, including marketing to cricket members by sponsors of the game of cricket. 

Your personal information will be held by the cricket club for which you play and/or the District and Major Associations to which that club is affiliated and/or NZC.  The information may also be provided (in whole or part) to other persons for the furtherance of the purposes stated above. 

You have the right to access (and correct) such personal information as provided for in the Privacy Act. You may view and update this information by means of your profile settings on CricHQ and/or by contacting your local Administration to request assistance to view and/or correct your information. 

Signing up for a CricHQ player profile constitutes authorisation of the use and disclosure of the personal information in accordance with the purposes set out above. Stating that you withhold this consent, or the provision of incorrect information, may result in you being ineligible to play.